Our designers use ROBOT Structural Analysis software in their work. This is a structural load analysis software that verifies compliance with the code and uses BIM-integrated workflows to exchange data with Revit. It can help create more resilient, workable products that are accurate, coordinated, and linked to BIM. ROBOT allows one to simulate wind pressure and suction loads, analyze complex load combinations based on local requirements for a given country or region.
In addition, we make us of the SJ MEPLA software as part of calculating the thickness of glass and testing it for various combinations of loads. Thanks to it, we can calculate any frame shape and type of glass, including laminated glass, point fixings, railing clamps, and all these also for thermally insulated glass. When using glass as fall protection, load cases or dynamically calculated impacts can be taken into account. 

MAS Design as an independent office has been present on the market since 2013. MAS Design is a leading design office in Poland implementing projects in the BIM formula. Our management team has over 15 years of experience in the facade cladding industry, collected while designing and implementatingthe facades.