The Facades Family

MAS Design pays particular attention to meeting the expectations of each client, therefore, through the activities of partner companies, we have expanded the range of services we offer related to the subject of facades. Each of our partners is a perfect complement to our comprehensive offer.


The AlumFab company was founded at the end of 2016. It offers its clients professional production management and assembly of aluminum systems.

The company is made up of people with over 20 years of experience in the production and supervision of projects of various scales on the British, Irish, American, Belgian, Polish and French markets. The company's employees have extensive experience in the production of aluminum unit systems, curtain walls, windows and doors. They gained their experience fromworking for companies such as McMullen, Scheldebouw and other famous facade contractors. ALUM-FAB offers comprehensive production services in cooperation with partners ALURAC and MAS Design. The company employs high-class specialists, and the production requirements are each time consulted and agreed directly with the clientevery time. 
The ALUM-FAB team has been selected and comprehensively trained in accordance with the highest standards.


We have been operating since 2015 and have managed to gain recognition and a stable position on the global market.

The Alurac company was founded in 2015. Alurac deals with the production and supply of all components required for the production and installation of modern aluminum-glass and ventilated facades.
The offer is directed primarily to facade companies, contractors and architects. Alurac consists of people who have many years of experience in creating facade designs of various levels of difficulty. They have extensive experience in implementing projects on the British and Irish markets. The employees have extensive experience in the production of components for modern aluminum-glass and ventilated facades.


Throughout 2019-2021, we involved experts from three very well-known companies to merge them into one perfectly functioning body.

We are willing to present an engineering firm with over 100 experienced people in providing various architectural, engineering, sciences, and environmental consulting services. Closer cooperation allowed us to add expertise in all our operating regions and to enter new markets.   
In Poland, three engineering services began operating in Warsaw between 2009 - 2012. Each of them was representing a different branch and was facing different issues in many countries. During years of cooperation on various projects, our teams figured out that the best service can be offered while doing the self-coordination between ourselves and providing already digested, optimized, and collision-free design to the customer. While doing so the question was raised, what if there was such a necessity, and all three could offer their combined service to make the client's life easier? The answer to it was to establish ARUCON with its wide range of services.   
We are present within European Union, Scandinavia, the USA, Canada, The Gulf region. Our task forces are reaching the far ends of the world. Whenever our clients need our support.   ARUCON in 2021 expanded its service by architectural design with full coordination included. We have skilled architects and planners on board.

Facades Consultants

FacadesConsultants were established in 2020 as a result of the separation of a specialized consulting division operating previously within MAS Design.

They brings together the most experienced employees in the industry. FacadeConsultants offer their services wherever it is necessary to have an unconventional approach to the problem, detected at any stage of implementation or operation of a building object.
FacadesConsultants have access to all the tools offered by MAS Design, Alum-Fab and Alurac and they are supported by other teams.
Should it be necessary to prepare a technical opinion, conduct and validate tests, help in conducting the tendering procedure, supervision of works carried out on behalf of the contractor and everything else related to the facade or roof glazing, we are here to help. 

"Glass facades refer to the surroundings his own picture.
They are more impassable than that any stone wall. (...). "
— Jean Baudrillard