In our daily work, we rely on the principles of parametric design. Within our office, we mainly use AUTODESK software, i.e. AUTOCAD, REVIT, INVENTOR, ADVANCED STEEL, FUSION and 3D Studio. 
The design process is supported by the use of NAVISWORKS to detect potential collisions, the use of procedures developed in DYNAMO, as well as by the proprietary MAS CAD software dedicated to individual facade designs. 
Our constructors perform calculations in ROBOT and MEPLA, and thermal calculations are performed in WINISO or BISCO, in accordance with the latest requirements set out in EUROCODES and standards related to the facadetheral conditions.

Parametric design

To create a nonlinear facade surface is much easier to use the parametric design performed by our engineer developers. We are capable to fulfill any challenge from our clients.

MAS Design as an independent office has been present on the market since 2013. MAS Design is a leading design office in Poland implementing projects in the BIM formula. Our management team has over 15 years of experience in the facade cladding industry, collected while designing and implementatingthe facades.