The Future is now

Future begins today

Digitization will be driven by technologies, such as AI, 5D, BIM, AR/VR, and electrification powered by 5G speed connectivity...

MAS Design offers its clients:

      • 3D prints of facade construction elements
      • VR coordination on a 3D model saved in the cloud
      • automation of design processes through the use of intelligent algorithms and the Internet of things
      • active cooperation of a team of programmers employed within the organization
      • designing dedicated facade solutions suitable for specific applications.

BIM & 3D Modelling

An intelligent 3D model-driven process that provides AEC professionals with the insight and tools to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure more efficiently.

Cu​rtain Walls

Building elevation can be thermally insulated to save energy but it can produce electricity or support rain harvest systems...