Regent's Place


Regent's Place - Triton Building

A stunning 26-story apartment building in the Regent's Place development, offering exceptional views of East, North and West London.


Main contractor:

Façade Scope:

London, England
Canary Wharf Group
Foster and Partners
Performing static for some of the internal walls.


Country: UK, England
Location: London
Purpose: residential space
Main Contractor: BritishLand
Architect:  Stephen Marshall Architects 
Our contribution: Performing static, fabrication and site project curtain walls.
Complete: 2013

The Triton Building is an 26-storey residential high-rise located in  Regent's Place, fully managed 13 acre estate in London NW1. Regent's Place is since 2010 a mixed-use business, shopping and residential area, located on the north side of Euston Road in London's Camden district. 
The site is also surrounded by Osnaburgh Street to the west, Longford and Drummond Streets to the north, and Hampstead Road to the east. Regent's Place was built by British Land on the basis of an earlier speculative development investment called ‘Euston Center’, which included Euston Tower - one of the first office skyscrapers in the West End. The skyscraper is located in the south-west corner of Regent's Place. The ‘Euston Center’ project was developed in 1962–1972 according to the design of Sidney Kaye. Originally the project involved the construction of a series of mid-height blocks, but to make room for an underpass and road crossing, the LCC gave approval to the construction of the Euston Tower. 
The British Land works started in 1996. The 1st stage included demolition of an old ITV Thames Television headquarters followed by the development the central part of the site and much of the Euston Road frontage with four new offices, buildings and a pedestrian square called Triton Square. At the same tmie, the lower levels of the Euston Tower were modernized. Investment included the shopping mall and open space of Triton Square, on which there are works of art by Langlands and Bell. Developers also commissioned a large mural from Michael Craig-Martin, a lighting scheme by Liam Gillick, and a smaller sculpture installation by Antony Gormley. 
Works on a 45,500-square-meter retail and residential complex designed by Terry Farrell on the west side of the Osnaburgh Street began in 2007 and were completed in 2009. In July 2013, a 48,200 square meter mixed complex was completed in the Northeast quarter of Regent's Place.

It was there (directly north of Euston Tower) that the Triton Building was built - designed in a style similar to the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland, it was achieved by producing various sized blocks of Spanish Blue granite. The blocks were then hollowed to varying degrees and mounted on galvanized steel frames, creating differences in height.
The Triton complex is actually fusion of the three buildings. The Penthouse Place is a 3588 square meter apartment building with a unique view of East, North and West London. The main living space has a higher roof and direct access to extensive balconies, and two panoramic, glazed "sky gardens" that can be used all year round and constitute as a kind of open terraces.
The 4,053 square meter penthouse City is the largest of the three skyscrapers and also has two glass roof gardens that open onto terraces. Both the Park and City Penthouse are located directly below the iconic architectural feature of the Triton Building's roof, which lits stunningly at night.
Regents Place is a groundbreaking development that completes the Northeast quadrant of this London residential and commercial project. Triton Building - Regents Place's focal point is a 25-story private residential tower with stunning architecture. The custom-made basket-weave aluminum raincoat was manufactured by CGL Facades to create a stunning visual impact.
The Penthouse Triton Building complex is the result of a creative partnership between British Land, Stephen Marshall Architects and interior designer Douglas Mackie.

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