We use AutodeskRevit software to implement this revolutionary design standard. It is a solution based on the parametric building modeling technique, which also enables automatic coordination of changes to the design and its documentation. The platform we use ensures the maintenance of consistency, up-to-date information and access to information and data in a digital environment integrated throughout the entire process. Thanks to this, architects, constructors and designers of internal installations as well asthe investors cooperating with us have a comprehensive view of the project.
The software that we use at MAS to support BIM processes enables, among others, visualization and thus easier understanding of the concept of the project, industry issues, their visulization in space, and also allows one to show the interaction of various systems and types of cladding on the site.
The simulation of reality in the digital world obtained in this way gives endless analytical and presentation possibilities, which has a huge impact on the understanding and popularization of environmentally friendly solutions. 

BIM - facade design

BIM has revolutionized the design of modern facades. In our work on the design of innovative facades, we use all the advantages of Building Information Modelig to achieve optimal results from the investor's and the environment's point of view.

MAS Design as an independent office has been present on the market since 2013. MAS Design is a leading design office in Poland implementing projects in the BIM formula. Our management team has over 15 years of experience in the facade cladding industry, collected while designing and implementatingthe facades.