3D modeling, mainly performed with the use of REVIT and INVENTOR programs, is prepared by MAS in accordance with all international standards. 
In this way, we can help to visualize the final effect of the facade by using in virtual coordination within AUTODESK 360. Currently, an increasing number of projects is mainly based on three-dimensional models, because the 3D model is the basis for the preparation of all documentation. Thanks to the functionality of the software used, cross-sections, projections, elevation views or axonometries that are difficult to show on the structures’ plane are generated almost automatically. However, working on a model requires experience and precision. Therefore, it is not a tool that can be used by every computer user. 
In addition, it should be remembered that the time needed to develop a model, depends largely on the assumptions made at the beginning of the process, as well as on how detailed and precise the presented solutions are.

MAS Design as an independent office has been present on the market since 2013. MAS Design is a leading design office in Poland implementing projects in the BIM formula. Our management team has over 15 years of experience in the facade cladding industry, collected while designing and implementatingthe facades.